Platinum Mall – Shopping Tips

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Platinum Fashion Mall Shopping Tips. Must see guide to a great shopping trip to Asia largest wholesale fashion mall in Bangkok.

Platinum Fashion Mall Shopping

Platinum Fashion Mall – Shopping Tips


Platinum Mall is definitely one of the hot spots where thousands of visitors visit the mall daily for great hunt on wholesale fashion products. It is not difficult to tell once you are there, that it’s a magnet for regional visitors hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even as far as Australia, USA and etc. Plentiful of business owners of online shops for fashion or blogshops shop for their goods here on a regular basis and ship them back to their own countries for sale. Whether if you are one of the business owners looking for wholesale fashion products or a leisure shopper here on a short trip, you will benefit from the following tips for shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall:

a. Wear Comfortably


The shopping mall is fully air-conditioned and not to worry that you will sweat buckets like as though you are shopping in Chatuchak weekend market. But be prepared to walk alot and spend at least 1 whole day covering the entire 6 levels of shops! Trust me, if you are a shopping queen, you will come back on 2nd day for more. Guys, if you are accompanying your other half, be prepared and bring along fully charged iPhone for some self entertainment.

b. Pick the right day


Like anywhere else in any countries you visit, if you are one who dislikes squeezing in big crowds, be sure to avoid Saturdays and Sundays if you are visiting Platinum Mall. These are the days where you will see the most crowd, having to fight your way through locals and visitors.

The best days to visit is on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. These are the days when the shop owners receive their new stock (They usually have a common shipper and all stocks ordered are aggregated and shipped together in containers) and that’s when you get to pick the latest arrivals without squeezing in with the crowd.

c. Buy in groups


As Platinum Fashion Mall is catered mostly for wholesale transactions, most shops would also entertain retail customers. Be prepared to fork out retail price if you are just buying 1 piece of item. To get wholesale prices, shops will require you to buy at least 3 pieces of same designs (some allow mix of colours). It’s best to travel in groups and buy in bulk to enjoy wholesale prices for your loots.

d. Bargain


That’s where the fun comes in, isn’t it? For tops, wholesale price can go as low as 80 baht to 100 baht and for dresses, the usual wholesale price is about 200 – 250 baht. It’s definitely alright to bargain with the shop owners. Do your math. Sometimes, it’s more worth it to buy at least 3 of the same kind in wholesale price vs buying just 1 at retail price. Be friendly with the store owners / assistants and pretty sure you will get some very good steals.

e. If you miss it, you miss it


Remember, Platinum Mall is big and can get very confusing as most of the stores look alike. They are organised in different Soi (street) and if you particularly like a dress but would like to go around and see if you can get a better price at other shops, do note the unit number and the Soi you are in, if you are thinking of coming back. Grab a name card (most would have them) from the staff to make it easier for your return trip.

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